Sing, Sign & Silly Fun CD


Parent's Choice Approved
“We love the CD Sing, Sign & Silly Fun! The CD has been playing every day since Merry Music Maker visited our school two weeks ago. The children love dancing and singing along to all the songs. We teach the children to sign the letters of the alphabet and the song ABC Sign With Me is one of their favorites! Thank you Merry Music Maker for bringing laughter, fun and smiles to our classroom with your music!”
Jenni Bissel and Judy Carroll/Preschool Teachers


Sing, Sign and get Silly with this Parent’s Choice Approved CD.  This interactive, educationally based CD combines story songs and imagination with sign language to create an interactive experience. The 24 page booklet of signs help navigate the beginner in sign language.  The variety of musical styles makes this CD enjoyable for all ages.  Used by preschools and kindergartens across the country.

Songs included on CD

  • Let Your Little Light Shine*
  • ABC Sign With Me*
  • Peace Joy Love*
  • Mr. Shazam
  • Swallowed a Fly*
  • Children of the World*
  • Three Little Fish
  • Rhymin’ Simon at the Swamp
  • Rhymin’ Simon: Instrumental
  • Share Your Love*
  • Island of Can-Do
  • Gosh and Golliwags*

* Refers to Sign Language used in the song



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