Get Happy CD


“I just wanted to let you know that I am using your music and ideas at my story time program and the kids are LOVING it! We did Mrs. Hannigan’s Farm (with signs) today and as soon as we were finished a little girl said ‘Can we do it again?’ The parents are signing right along with the kids. Thanks for giving me lots of new ideas and songs to brighten up my story time program.”
LaVonne Marshall/Children’s Librarian


Get Happy with this interactive, educationally based music CD full of story songs that use hand motions and a 16 page sign language booklet for signing along with the words. There’s also upbeat movement songs that get your child Happy moving around. Used by preschools across the country.

Songs included on this CD

  • Get Happy*
  • Monkeys On the Bed
  • Bop & Stop
  • Hoochee Coochee Dance
  • Happy and You Know It*
  • The Circus*
  • Hannigan’s Farm*
  • Rock Not Sand*
  • Happier We Will Be*
  • Gosh and Golliwags*

*Refers to Sign Language Used in the Song