Big Time Fun CD


“Oh my goodness! What great CDs. I have played a song a day for the kids in my class as they are getting ready for lunch and they continually beg for more. The best part is that I hear them singing the songs as we are walking out of the room. The songs have a wonderful, catchy rhythm and the kids just can’t sit still when they are playing.”
Celia Godsil/Second Grade Teacher


This interactive, educationally based music CD gets children moving, wiggling, following directions and using their imagination as they have Big Time Fun!  Booklet with words of the songs included. Used by preschools across the country.

Songs included on this CD

  1. Big Time Fun
  2. Old Man Wiggle
  3. Teddy Bear Teddy Bear II
  4. Happy and You Know It
  5. Chuga Chuga Choo Choo
  6. At the Pond
  7. Lion Hunt
  8. Island Birds
  9. 10 Wiggling Fingers
  10. Jumpin’ Blues
  11. Children of the World
  12. Gosh and Golliwags