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There are many fine teachers who know how to teach music, the Merry Music Maker knows how to play with music when she teaches. Her non conventional style of teaching turns the ordinary music session into the extraordinary!

  • M.A. Early Childhood Education
  • B.S. Therapeutic Recreation
  • Songwriter, Storyteller, Entertainer, Educator of Children
  • Co-Host of Musical Storytime Jamboree; a Children’s TV show
  • Teaches weekly music enrichment classes
  • Presenter at child care and early education conferences
  • Presenter at teacher workshops (hourly, half day, full day sessions)

And now a note from the Merry Music Maker…

“I consider it an honor and a joy to share my musical talents with children. Their imagination and creative spirit, combined with a curiosity of life, provide a perfect environment for fun and learning. My educational and therapeutic background allows me to interact with children in a playful, yet educationally guided way.
It is equally rewarding for me working with teachers and child care providers; discovering together, innovative ways for motivating a child’s interest in learning.
Whether I’m on stage, in front of the tv camera, working in the classroom or presenting at a conference…music is my life!”

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