Welcome To a Musical Adventure

There’s singing, dancing, and laughing as children catch the “music fever” from the Merry Music Maker’s contagious silliness, Her high-energy, action packed musical DVD’s and CD’s will have children dancing like animals, sneezing to silly songs, freezing like statues or using sign language to sing songs. Come join in the fun!

Music comes alive as the Merry Music maker engages children in a playful and wonderful musical experience.

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About the Merry Music Maker

There are many fine teachers who know how to teach music, the Merry Music Maker knows how to play with music when she teaches. Her non conventional style of teaching turns the ordinary music session into the extraordinary!

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Did somebody say Musical Fun?
This is where you can book the Merry Music Maker and watch as she engages children in interactive storytelling, creative movement, sign language and silly fun.

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Did You Have a Question for the Merry Music Maker?
This is where you can ask the Merry Music Maker questions about her music, concerts and booking questions!

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